A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

In reassemble you control the head of a robot. Sadly you have lost all of your other parts and now you're just able to roll around.
Will you be able to find new parts to escape the evil factory you are trapped in?

You can play with keyboard or controller.

Keyboard controls:

A/DRoll left/right use it to move on the ground or aim your robot in the air.
SPACEBARUse the thruster module.
Enable/Disable the gravity-disabler module.
FEnable/Disablethe time-slower module.
TABOpen inventory.

Controller controls:

Left Stick
Roll left/right use it to move on the ground or aim your robot in the air.
A / Cross
Use the thruster module.
X / Square
Enable/Disable the gravity-disabler module.
B / Circle
Enable/Disablethe time-slower module.
Open inventory.

In the invenotry/character screen you have to use the mouse/keyboard.
It should be mostly intuitive to use, here is a breakdown:

  • You can move the character by clicking and dragging right/middle mouse button.
  • You can zoom in and out with the mouse-wheel.
  • You can rotate the character with Q/E.
  • You can reset the view with R.
  • To connect modules you need to first click on a connector of that module in the right tab (the inventory). The now selected module can then be connected to the character by clicking on one of the appropriate connectors (marked in yellow) on the left side (the character).

Source code: https://github.com/XanthosWare/GodotWildJam13Mar2021


reassembly_windows.zip 15 MB
reassembly_linux.zip 17 MB


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