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Developed by

Zhangir Nurmukhambetov (XanthosWare) - Programming, Art Assets, Organization

Thomas Benavidez (Carl'sTheName) - Programming

Adam Smith (dragnmastr85) - Sound and Music Assets

 Seba313 - Art Assets 

Delman 1920 was a game about 1920's US Airmail pilots. Delman (stands for Delivery Man) had the intention of being  historically accurate as possible. We included the airfields where mail was collected and delivered.

Our original planned gameplay was as follows:

Obstacle race: Character vs Environment. No enemies

Delman starts with an overworld map which shows their current deliveries, current location, possible journeys and journey risks. Delman can choose where to go on the map.

When a journey is chosen, an obstacle race game is brought up. In the game, Delman must avoid obstacles (in form of historically accurate weather conditions such as hail, wind, snow, etc) and can collect stamps. The riskier the journey is, the better stamps Delman can collect.

Due to time constraints, we cut back most of the features from the game.

Some other intended features were music crossfading and multiple sound effects. They were not implemented due to technical errors in the program. 

The game features stamp collection in a time limit, which is an extremely drastic change from our expectations. 

Overall, the game was a great learning experience to everyone on our team.

Links to our members:

Zhangir Nurmukhambetov on Art Station and Itch.io:



Thomas Benavidez on Itch.io:


Adam Smith on SoundCloud and Itch.io:



Seba313 on Art Station:


Install instructions

Download the executable file and pck and launch the game


Delman 1920.exe 35 MB
Delman 1920.pck 18 MB

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