The Legendary Sheriff has returned once again to kick ass, and he decided to visit an old mineshaft to warm up for a trip to the dungeon.

Godot, a robot miner working in the mineshaft, was an insignificant boring-to-fight mini-boss. Losing almost all reason to exist inside of the game, Godot began to fade from existence. 

On the edge of being erased and forgotten, Godot was suddenly visited by the Legendary Sheriff. 

Will Godot be able to prove his significance inside the game and defeat the Legendary Sheriff or be forgotten forever?


Keyboard Controls

WASDMove  Up, Left, Down, and Right respectively
Left Mouse ClickShoot bullets
ENTERProgress dialogue


Github Repository


Download 85 MB
Download 73 MB


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stood still and he ran into me and did nothing. he shot me once and I killed him...

I also used Dialogic and had a problem with the export - I had to include *.cfg files in my export settings to get it working... might help?

The view port only shows a part, so currently I can't play the game :/

The game is stuck with a gray screen lol